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Sri Vasavi

Sri Vasavi Society

Hon's President
The main source of inspiration and guidance to us is Sri Yeerra Narayana Swamy M.A., LLB., Ex. M.L.A., Tadepalligudem, who took exceptional care in moulding the college into a model institution. He is the Honorary President of the institution.

Our President, Sri Grandhi Satyanarayana has good experience in education field. He has been running a school,colleges and degree colleges in the name of GMR Educational Institutions for the last 16 years.

Secretary & Correspondent
Our Secretary & Correspondent, Sri Chalamcharla V.V.Subba Rao is a personality with an enhanced caliber of leadership and assertive skills. These qualities contribute to the elevation of the institution in a big way. He revels in shaping the career of the students with his unparalleled vision and mission. He also has plans to extend his vision and goals across the man made barriers and wish to earn global reputation.

SNo Members Desgination
1 Sri K. V. Ramakrishna Rao Vice President
2 Sri Pabolu Venkateswara Rao Joint Secretary
3 Sri P. Bala Kasaiah Treasurer
4 Sri Ch. V. R. K Subbarao Member
5 Smt. Grandhi Ratnavathi Member
6 Sri Ch.Sai Lakshmana Rao Member
7 Sri Ch. V. R Ramana Murthy Member
8 Sri Juluri Neelakanteswara Rao Member
9 Sri P.Rama Krishna Rao Member
10 Sri Kanamarlapudi L.N.Prasad Member
11 Sri Maddali Mohan Babu Member
12 Sri Kotla Venkata Rama Krishna Rao Member
13 Sri Nunna Lakshmi Narayana Member
14 Sri P.Chenchu Subbarao Member
15 Smt. Kolla Parvathi Devi Member
16 Smt. N.Sreedevi Member