Research Labs

Isaac Asimov Space Centre Lab equipped with
        1. Dual Regulated Power Supply
        2. Function Generator
        3. CRO s
        4. Arduino Development Boards
        5. Sensors, Motors, Displays, Relays
        6. Arduino IDE
        7. Processing IDE
  • This Lab is established to motivate the students towards hardware projects, practical skills by conducting training sessions and developing gadgets that meet the needs of the society at various levels. The Students can get the awareness about the Software Simulations and Hardware requirements for the Embedded System Design. The II, III and IV Year Students are utilizing this lab every day between 5PM to 8 PM. With the activities conducted in this Lab. The students are getting exposure to Embedded System Design , Robotics , Image Processing , Signal Processing Applications , MATLAB and VLSI etc.,

IoT Lab (Internet of Things)
  • MOU with M/S thing Tonics' Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore to promote innovative research activity in the area of IoT and providing internships to the students.
  • This Lab is equipped with
            1. ESP Module
            2. X-Bee Board
            4. Modem IOT Kit
            5. B.L.E. I.D. Card
            6. Arduino UNO Broad
            7. Relay Module
            8. RTC
            9. LORA
            10. Raspberry Pi etc.
            11. Level Shifter
            12. Embedded kit For Arduino
  • This Lab is established with the motto of imparting knowledge to the students to meet the current challenges. The III & IV B. Tech students are utilizing this Lab daily.
  • With the activities conducted in this Lab the students are getting exposure in various areas like
            1. Wireless Communications
            2. Digital Signal Processing
            3.Embedded systems design
  • The products developed in this lab are
            a. Intelligent Monitoring and Controlling Street Lights.
            b. Smart Student Tracking System.
            c. Monitoring Water Tank Levels.
            d. Wireless E-Notice Board based on the GSM and RF.
  • IIT Mumbai-e Yantra Project for transforming e- Yantra labs at colleges into Innovation hubs for incubating exciting Engineering Projects, provide facility to conduct hands-on experiments through Lesson Plans, Lab Experiments, Tutorials

e- Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI):
  • e- Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI) is a college level program under which colleges are encouraged to setup robotics labs. It is designed as a scalable and sustainable approach that addresses infrastructure creation and teacher training - to create an eco-system at the colleges to impart effective engineering education.
  • ELSI provides:
            (i)  Guidance and support for establishing robotics labs - three robotic kits are given to each participating college and
            (ii)  A two-phased training for teachers.