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                                          			Vasavi R&D Cell 
    Department Profile |

  • Researchers pursue new discoveries in information and communication technology, human health, transportation, energy management, security, sustainability and a wide range of other engineering, fields. Our Research and Development Cell offers opportunities to establish close networking with the universities & industries and nurtures the faculty and students pursuing new inventions and developments.
    • With a view to enhance research activities, adjunct professor from Industries are visiting the campus and motivating the faculty and students to do R & D projects in all disciplines.

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  • Vision

    To inculcate research culture in staff and students to enhance sponsored research, consultancy, publications & patents

  • Mission

    To provide guidance and address research areas for possible external funding

    To facilitate collaboration and networking with industries and external funding agencies

    To develop technology transfer by empowering the staff and students

  • 1. Research Papers Publication in Indexed journals / reputed Conferences

    2. Institute- R&D Organization- Industry Collaboration.

    3. Sponsored Research &Consultancy.

    4. Filing Patents