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                                   Electronics & Communication Engineering Department 

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Department Magazine Xtronics is published thrice in a year and circulated among Faculty and students. The department encourages the students to present articles in the Magazine. The article consists of technical and non technical data. The Editorial board included- Chief Editor, Editor ,faculty co-ordinator and student co-ordinators..
The following are the issued magazines:
  • Xtronics Nov 18 -View
  • Xtronics July 18 -View
  • Xtronics March 18 -View
  • Xtronics Nov 17 -View
  • Xtronics July 17 -View
  • Xtronics March 17-View
  • Xtronics Nov 16 -View
  • Xtronics July 16 -View
  • Xtronics Nov 15-View
  • Xtronics July 15-View
  • Xtronics March 15-View
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