This Academic year onwards Sri Vasavi Starts two new Branches B.Tech CSE(Artificial Intelligence) with intake of 60 Seats and B.Tech (Mechine Learning & Artificial Intelligence) with intake of 60 Seats.

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Electronics & Communication Engineering Department

    Department Faculty |

Sno Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Profile
1 Dr. E.KUSUMA KUMARI Professor & HOD M.Tech,Ph.D view
2 Dr.M.THAMARAI Professor M.Tech,Ph.D view
3 Dr. S. MURUGAN Professor M.Tech.,Ph.D view
4 Dr.M.KOTESWARA RAO Professor M.Tech.,Ph.D view
5 Sri.K N H SRINIVAS Assoc.Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D) view
6 Sri.D.RAJESH SETTY Assoc.Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D) view
7 Sri.THOTA SREENIVAS Assoc. Professor M.Tech view
8 Dr. PURNIMA K.SHARMA Assoc. Professor M.Tech.,Ph.D view
9 Dr.U.YEDUKONDALU Assoc. Professor M.Tech.,Ph.D view
10 Smt. Y.SUJATHA Sr.Asst Professor M.Tech view
11 Sri.D.R.SANDEEP Sr.Asst. Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D) view
12 Sri.T.SREENIVASU Sr.Asst. Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D) view
13 Sri.M.SUBBA RAO Sr.Asst. Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D) view
14 Sri.B.MOHAN KUMAR Asst. Professor M.Tech view
15 Sri.P.GOPALA REDDY Asst. Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D) view
16 Sri.M.SATISH KUMAR Asst. Professor M.Tech.Ph.D view
17 Sri.P.V.V.SATYANARAYANA Asst. Professor M.Tech view
18 Sri.K.S.S. KIRAN Asst. Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D) view
19 Sri G.V.SUBRAHMANYAM Asst. Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D) view
20 Sri.T.D.N.S.S. SARVESWARARAO Asst. Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D) view
21 Sri.J. RAJENDRA Asst. Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D) view
22 Dr S.V.V. SATYANARAYANA Asst. Professor M.Tech,Ph.D view
23 Smt.V. RADHA Asst. Professor M.Tech view
24 Ms. Y.Y.S. MANOGNA Asst. Professor M.Tech view
25 Smt. T.V.N.L. ASWINI Asst. Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D) view
26 Sri K. RAJESH Asst. Professor M.Tech view
27 Sri. R LAL RAJA LOKESH BABU Asst. Professor M.Tech view
28 Sri. MULLANGI VINOD KUMAR Asst. Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D) view
29 Ms. V.PRADYUMNA Asst.Professor M.Tech view
30 Smt.V. HARINI Asst.Professor M.Tech view
31 Sri T.VIJAY SAI Asst. Professor M.Tech view
32 Sri P. SUDHEER CHAKRAVARTHI Asst. Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D) view
33 Ms. U.RAMYA Asst. Professor M.Tech view
34 Sri S. CH. KANTHA RAO Asst. Professor M.Tech view
35 Sri P. NAGARAJU Asst. Professor M.Tech view
36 Sri P. ASHOK KUMAR Asst. Professor M.Tech.,(Ph.D) view
37 Smt V. Sai Padmini Asst. Professor M.Tech view
38 Ms. V.V. NAGA LAKSHMI Lecturer B.Tech view
39 Sri S.N.POORVASIVAM Lecturer B.Tech view

Non-Teaching Staff

Sno Name of the Staff Designation
1 M.V.V. Satyanarayana Lab Tech.
2 Sk.Mastan Vali(Shabbir) Lab Tech.
3 Y.Narasimha Rao Lab Tech.
4 P.Eswara Rao Lab Tech.
5 G.Suvarna Raju Lab Tech.
6 K.Vijaya Lakshmi Lab Tech.
7 CH.Prabhodaya Lab Tech.
8 G.S.C.V.Padmakar D.E.O
9 K.Renuka Sowmya D.E.O
10 M.Sai Naveen Kumar Attender
11 B.Srinivasa Rao Attender
12 J.Venkateswara Rao Attender