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Computer Science & Engineering

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  • Books Publications by Faculty: 04

    S.No Name of the Faculty Title of the Book
    1 Dr. O Sri Nagesh
    Public Auditing Technique for Securing Privacy in Cloud Storage: ISSBN: 978-620-2-52368-4, LAMBERT ACADEMIC PUBLICATIONS, 2020.


    "Secure Multiparty Key Agreement": Theory and Practice, ISSBN:987-620-0-32764-2, LAMBERT ACADEMIC PUBLICATIONS,2019.
    "Title of the Book: Intelligent Decision Support Systems" . Title of the Chapter Published: Coronary Heart Disease prediction using genetic algorithm based decision tree,2019


    Dr. D. Jaya Kumari
    "XML and its Applications", LAP- Publications, ISBN 978-3-659-86708-8, 2016.
    "A Dissertation report on the secure Online Banking",LAP- Publication, ISBN 978-3-659-86312-7, 2016
    4 Mr.Ch. Raja Ramesh "Data Structures and Algorithms",TK Publications,ISBN 9789 3859 09849

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