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Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning

Activities of the department towards improvement in teaching-learning are indicated in the office records as well as in college website. They are open for reproduction, for further improvement and for review.

Some of the methods adopted by the faculty members in Teaching & Learning are:

  • Presentations using PPT, wherever necessary.
  • Technical videos for demonstration of certain concepts.
  • Usage of Software's like Rational Rose, R Software to demonstrate the concepts practically.
  • Use of E-Learning Resources like NPTEL lectures, Online journals and Online lectures like QEEE & MOOCS        for effective learning.
  • Providing Question bank with short answer questions and quiz questions.
  • Student paper and poster presentations.
  • Student seminars.
  • Conducting peer group learning to encourage the slow learners.
  • Student participation in skill tests and technical events.
  • Z to A Teaching Learning Method.

PPTs / Question Bank / Old Question Papers

(a).V18- Subjects
Sno Regulation Sem Subject PPT
1V18I/IIProgramming in C for Problem Solvingdownload
2V18IIIData Structures and Algorithmsdownload
3V18IIIObeject Oriented Programming for Problem Solvingdownload
5V18IVComputer Oraganizationdownload
6V18IVSoftware Engineeringdownload
7V18IVPython Programmingdownload
8V18IVJava Programmingdownload
9V18IVFormal Languages and Automata Theorydownload
10V18VDatabase Management Systemsdownload
11V18VOperating Systemsdownload
12V18VDesign Analysis of Algorithmsdownload
13V18VUnix Programmingdownload
14V18VArtificial Intelligencedownload
15V18VComputer Graphicsdownload

(b).R16- Subjects
Sno Regulation Year Subname PPT QBank OldQP
1R161Computer Programmingdownloaddownloaddownload
2R162Data Structures through C++downloaddownloaddownload
3R162Advanced Data Structuresdownloaddownloaddownload
4R162Computer Graphicsdownloaddownloaddownload
5R162Principles of Programming Languagesdownloaddownload
6R162Python Programmingdownloaddownload
7R162Java Programmingdownloaddownloaddownload
8R162Formal Languages and Automata Theorydownloaddownload

(c).R13- Subjects
Sno Regulation Year Subname PPT QBank OldQP
1R133Software Engineeringdownloaddownloaddownload
2R133Database Management Systemsdownloaddownloaddownload
3R134Distributed Systemsdownloaddownloaddownload
4R134Cryptography and Network Securitydownloaddownload
5R134UML & Design Patternsdownloaddownloaddownload
6R133Operating Systemsdownloaddownload
7R134Human Computer Interactiondownloaddownload

NPTEL Videos

Z to A Learning Method

Z to A approach on 'Cloud Computing' course for final semester under graduates students based on Journal Paper titled "Cognizance and Ameliorate of Quality of Service using Aggregated Intutionistic Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm, Abettor-based model, Corroboration method and Pandect method in Cloud Computing" is discussed by Y.Divya Vani, CSE Department.-View